DeFi Raccoons to Host Cash Tech AMA

Crypto enthusiasts DeFi Raccoons to get unrestricted access to Cash Tech team

One of the largest cryptocurrency community groups — DeFi Racoons — is hosting an AMA to provide its members with the most up to date and insightful information regarding the Cash Tech project. DeFi Raccoons is led by founders with a significant social media following. The group has built one of the largest and most experienced communities of cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

The entire DeFi Raccoons community will have full access to the Cash Tech team in the upcoming AMA. With almost 12k members in the DeFi Raccoons community, every one of these members will get the latest details on one of the most exciting digital asset projects of 2021.

Cash Tech is a comprehensive cryptocurrency application that provides digital asset holders with versatile functionality. The value of the broader digital asset market has been exploding in 2021 but holders still struggle to execute straightforward tasks like spending their assets. Cash Tech supports multiple blockchains and allows users to easily send, store, stake, convert, and loan their assets. Cash Tech is also integrating a broad merchant network to enable Cash Tech users to spend their assets with some of the most recognized businesses worldwide.

The AMA will take place on the 12th of March at 3 pm CET. The AMA will take place within the DeFi Raccoons Telegram group. Anyone can participate in the AMA by joining the group through the link here.



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