Cash Tech Made History

Phenomenal community growth and investment interest as Cash Tech reveals upcoming application

Cash Tech received phenomenal interest yesterday as the all-in-one DeFi application revealed its business model to the public. Even with bullish market conditions, the attention Cash Tech received was extraordinary with venture capitalists, influencers, and media outlets all quickly tweeting their views on the emerging application.

The need for a single app that allows users to manage and use multiple cryptocurrencies was further demonstrated through fully subscribed investment rounds and rapid community growth. Upon launching their community Telegram group, members quickly grew to almost 2,000 in a matter of minutes.

Interest from investors was no less ebullient. Over $25 million in investment requests competed for allocation in the Cash Tech fundraising rounds. The angel, seed, and private rounds were fully subscribed within two hours. Renowned VC companies such as VYSYN Ventures, Signal Ventures, Vendetta Capital, Amplifi and Nabais Capital participated in these sales with several strategic partners being onboarded to provide guidance during the evolution and delivery of Cash Tech.

After wrapping up a successful announcement alongside fully subscribed investment rounds, one thing is for certain. The enthusiasm for Cash Tech will only grow from here. The disruptive application has only been announced to the public and tremendous interest has already been shown. As more details are revealed about Cash Tech, the community is bound to get even more excited as they realize the enormous utility of this all-in-one application.

Wallet. Exchange. Merchant Gateway. Lender. Staker. All within one app. Cash Tech is DeFi as it should be.



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